I smiled at the poster as it read, “SMILE IS A CURVE THAT SETS A LOT OF THINGS STRAIGHT”. Lost in thought I turned to my right and saw a small girl smiling at me. That was when I realized that I had smiled at her first. Her smile made me smile broader. Walking down the street I smiled at an old couple who also smiled back. This continued for a while as I kept spreading the joy around. It did not bother me that some people found it strange and gave me questionable looks but when I reached home I certainly felt light and happy.

Why is a smile so contagious? I am not a person with a science background and therefore, the only possible and logical reason I could deduce was smiles help a person relax. When a person relaxes it reflects on his face and thus he can help pass on the contented look to someone else with ease. I have seen people smiling even in difficult situations. Some say it helps them to just loosen up and for some it is a matter of habit.

I have even met some people for whom stretching the lips from left and right corners of their mouth, is one of the most difficult exercises. We call them grumpy, rude, snobs etc. etc. and with such people it becomes difficult to even strike a conversation. At this point I am reminded of the well-known song WORDS by Boyzone. The very first line of this song says “SMILE, THAT EVER LASTING SMILE…. A SMILE CAN BRING YOU NEAR TO ME…” yes… a smile has that magical power. Try smiling all the time. It will not only clear your doubts, nervousness and anxiety, it will also make you very approachable.

Hence, the rule is simple. If others cannot give you a smile, give them one of yours. Smile broadly and let them know how happy smiling at them has made you. Who knows you may initiate a trendy trend!child-smile-mood


Smile! You’re at the best site ever